If you’re ready to join us for this special smaller and coaching-focused, faith-based community, your next steps are below!

*all sales are final

What to expect next:

You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve completed payment and forms. ALL of our communications, coaching sessions, lessons, information shared, etc. will be within the private group community (no longer on FB), via email, or on Zoom call unless otherwise notified. Please be sure you sign up with email address you would like for that communication.

  1. Complete our PAYMENT REGISTRATION here.
  2. Now you need to complete the THREE REQUIRED LEGAL FORMS: I. Waiver for Trim Healthy Mama here; II. Waiver for Coach Amanda here; and III. the Group Coaching Client Agreement here.
  3. Taste for Truth Bible study book you can purchase here.
  4. Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book which you can purchase here or here.
  5. A notebook or journal for taking notes, answering Bible study, questions, journaling prayers, etc. You can purchase one like this or any notebook purchased from your local store will be fine (whatever you like to use for Bible study).

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience while getting completely set up and registered!