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Welcome to continuing our journey through THM and creating lifestyle habits to help our THM lifestyle and connect it to our renewal of the mindset about our relationship with food. We want our habits to become like second nature to us to make our journey more successful.

We will spend 6 weeks learning and/or reviewing the higher learning aspects of the THM plan. We will learn how to tweak the basics of THM that we have already learned for different seasons of life as well as hurdles, health issues, etc.

We will have an optional read Atomic Habits by James Clear that we will use to learn and create concrete lifelong habits with renewing our mindset about food as well as the THM plan.

For your 6-week group coaching session, you will need the following resources. These resources are mandatory for participation in the group. It will be a waste of money to pay for group coaching if you don’t have the materials you need to participate:

  • Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book which you can purchase here or here.
  • A notebook or journal for taking notes, answering Bible study, questions, journaling prayers, etc. You can purchase one like this or any notebook purchased from your local store will be fine (whatever you like to use for Bible study).
  • Optional books we study throughout the year for Biblical mind renewal and THM higher learning TBD.
  • Check your email for a welcome from me and links to complete necessary additional registration forms. Thank you!

You will receive a link to the Private Closed Facebook group soon closer to time to begin our session. Once you have joined and been approved to the group, all of our communications will be within the FB group unless otherwise notified.

I cannot wait to join you on this 6-week journey of transformation and food freedom anchored in hope!