M.E.1-on-1 & Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: If you have waited this long to sign up…what are you waiting for? I started THM on my own but got stuck at my notorious 12# mark. I had tried it ALL but I knew in my heart that I wanted THM to be different and my life to be different. God sent me Coach Amanda. If you are here, He sent her to you too.
I've lost the weight, got healthy, feel better than ever. I'm even starting to like exercise. But...I've never been here before so I'm continuing coaching. I need to keep learning this healthy lifestyle and renewing my mind as to where God can take me on this journey. Don't be afraid to ask for help, learn new things, and try things you've never tried before. Combining spiritual growth and a healthy lifestyle is a life changer!!! Want to know more? Ask Coach Amanda. Don't wait, you won't regret taking the first step to health.

R.M.1-on-1 & Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: You helped reset my mindset again to what my goals were... I’m learning to enjoy life in a healthier way eating and mindset. So thank you.

J.J.1-on-1 & Group Coaching

I am learning self-discipline. Now when it’s time to eat, I think about what would fuel my body rather than what random craving do I have at this minute. It’s been such a game changer since I was eating whatever I wanted for so many years!

This week I stopped by to visit some extended family and they decided to order takeout. I opted to sit and visit with everyone and wait to eat until I could get home (it wasn’t a far drive) and eat something that was nutritious and healthy. I felt so empowered! The Holy Spirit gave me the self-control I needed. And this has happened many times now!

Thank you, Amanda, for reminding me to look for these “little” victories- they’re HUGE wins that I might have otherwise missed if I was just looking at the scale!

K.V.Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: The scale moved & inches dropped last week so it was nice seeing the results...I see a difference & I feel better!!

G.E.1-on-1 & Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: Coach Amanda is very intentional about how involved she is with her clients. She values our growth and fills us with knowledge, encouragement and support to better equip us for this journey. Take the leap of faith like I did! You will not have regrets and will be so glad you did!

J.W.Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: Coach Amanda is very helpful, encouraging and positive. She is knowledgeable about numerous health issues. She builds your mind, spirit, and body so you can be healthier in each of those areas.

B.M.Group Coaching Member

TESTIMONIAL: Coach Amanda & THM Coaching has helped me realize that God needs to be invited into our health and wellness journeys and that we need to be regularly renewing our minds towards food and our eating habits.

R.B.Group Coaching Member

Amanda is a treasure, she gently leads but speaks the truth we need to hear. She has a passion for this and is willing to answer questions and not make you feel stupid at all. She offers a lot of good information at once, no complaints. I am signing up for more!

T.M.Group Coaching Member

I learned that I need to renew my mind when it comes to battling the many lies that I tell myself. I didn’t realize how much my relationship with food was actually a spiritual battle. In just 6 weeks, I lost a little over 4 lbs and I lost 1 inch in my waist and 2 inches in my hips. Coach Amanda will answer any questions, pray with you and encourage you every step of the way. She is a great listener too. I had a great first coaching experience.

C.S.Group Coaching Member

I learned so much about the spiritual health part of my journey. Some clothes fit better, I know what to do with the struggles I didn’t know what to do with before like emotional eating, sweet treats always taking me down a rabbit hole. I feel like I made some spiritual progress in giving my journey to God.

S.B.1on1 and Group Coaching

Coach Amanda is very supportive, attentive to your needs, eager to help and very welcoming. Always points the group to Jesus and knowledgeable in her role.

I can see a difference in my mental and emotional health since starting this journey. I didn't always follow the plan especially during the weekends and that's totally of my own doing. Amanda certainly supported me but I appreciate that she didn't make me feel "bad" for my decisions or like I was disappointing her. She was there to support me but I was free to make my own decisions. If I hadn't started with her when I did, I would be in a far worse shape! Her coaching made me think of things differently and made me more aware of the choices I was making. I enjoyed the Marco Polo groups and getting encouragement from the ladies in group coaching. I lost 4 lbs, received compliments on looking smaller, enjoyed and learned a lot from the Bible study. This helped me to get back on some sort of track with THM and started getting my mind focused again.

I have been following Anchored Hope for a while on Facebook and when I began to think about coaching I started looking more closely at the page. I hesitated for a while because FB didn't seem to have much "traffic" from followers. I now know that is because Amanda is doing her coaching on other social media channels and prefers to keep her coaching groups smaller. In my opinion, a "lack" of interaction from people on FB might be a deterrent to growing the business. For me though, I kept coming back to the page because I liked the theme of Anchored Hope and appreciated the Biblical approach she is taking.

R.C.Group Coaching Member

Having Coach Amanda gave me the confidence to start this journey. I needed a guide to hold my hand as I got started and she did just that! If you're looking for a coach or wondering if you should hire one, DO IT! Everyone needs a coach! Coach Amanda will give you a better mindset along with specific health tips and strategies to move you towards your goals!

I'm doing THM! I never thought I could understand this program but I am. I'm staying on plan and feeling great and I lost 5lbs in 6 weeks!

K.B.1-on-1 and Group Coaching

Coach Amanda is supportive. Being part of coaching with her has helped me to refocus and establish better goals. Coach Amanda gave me the tools to continue THM. I've already referred two people to Coach Amanda. And I appreciate that Facebook wasn't used or required for coaching.

R.B.Group Coaching Member

Coach Amanda's heart and time were invaluable, she also was willing to go out of her way to look up answers to my many questions. I liked that she covered us in prayer.

Transformation begins with…

a lifestyle plan that is doable for all ages and genders. This transformational plan achieves health and weight loss without restricting food groups. It is truly a lifestyle  journey anchored in hope.


weight loss & management
food freedom & satisfaction
balance blood sugar

healthy mind and memory
balanced hormones


positive body image

grace-filled, consistent journey

community of women & mentors


Is THM right for you?

That’s a very good question. THM can transform your way of thinking about food

THM is not:

fast and furious weight loss

a plan that eliminates entire food groups from your diet (with the exception of food allergies)

restrictie to healthy fats or low glycemic carbs

a plan of rigid rules or calorie & fat counting

the standard American diet

…but if you’d like to learn new healthy habits that retrain the way you think about food and weight loss, then I can help!

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