for current knowledgeable THMs with a good understanding & implementation of the plan

Currently on THM, know the plan well but just need a little 1-on-1 support and coaching?
Do you need a coach to review your food journal & make sure you are implementing the THM correctly? Need plan tweaks for allergies, health concerns, and special seasons of life?
Need tools, accountability, mind renewal, motivation, and encouragement to help you reach your goals?
That’s where I come in. As your coach, I commit to reviewing your food journal, helping you implement the plan correctly, answering questions, walking with you through the struggles and the victories, and praying for and cheering for you while you live the lifestyle and reach your goals!
$395 for 60 days OR discounted $570 for 90 days

  • daily coach review of your food journal
  • daily email communication with support, motivation, encouragement, Biblical mind renewal
  • Marco Polo video chatting
  • email & text access to your coach
  • accountability
  • plan implementation, tweaking, & tips in response to food journal review
  • weekly nonscale victory celebration
  • weekly goal setting
  • Twice per month 30-minute coaching calls (all calls are scheduled by appointment during business hours only on certain days of the week as I need to be respectful of the time of my current local and online clients, your time, and the time of myself and my family)
  • Free access to FB Support Group & access to group coaching sessions if attending during current coaching
  • Coach Amanda’s personal menus shared with clients every Fri morning via email so you have an example of how I eat, meal plan & prep. (this does not include pre-prepared menus, but we can create a package with them if you have a subscription to the THM Membership site to access menus and grocery lists)
  • $10 off coupon code for THM Membership site (code: AD4380)

    (If you are currently in Basic Accountability 1-on-1 coaching, you will receive free access to my group coaching until your Basic Accountability 1-on-1 session is complete. Then you can decide to register for additional 1-on-1 coaching or register for group coaching at a special discounted rate.)
When you register for coaching, I set aside time on my schedule, and offer digital written & video courses, live and recorded lessons and services that cannot be “returned”. I am with you every step of the way to provide you with the tools, but it is up to you to commit to the program and utilize the tools. When you register, you also take up a spot in my coaching schedule. Therefore, all sales are final no matter how many days you have been in the coaching program. I am a CERTIFIED THM Coach and am held accountable by guidelines set forth by THM. Check out testimonials here on our home page:

Once you’ve completed your coaching term, you can sign up for a discounted additional 1-on-1 coaching term or join our membership subscription group coaching with coaching, 24/7/365 accountability, and more.

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$395 for 60 days

$570 for 90 days