Are you tired of feeling lost in a crowd of THMs? Are you ready for a group coaching setting that treats you like a 1-on-1 client?

Tired of not sticking with the plan and ready to transform your spirit, mind, and body to stick with it? Are you ready to learn a healthy, balanced, sustainable health and weight loss lifestyle by changing your mindset and building your faith through Bible Study? Are you looking for an encouraging and supportive community of like-minded women on the same journey?

Then you should join us in our Level I Victorious Trinity Group. What does “Victorious Trinity” mean? Well, God created our spirits, minds, and bodies connected, one affects the other. We focus on renewing our minds through scripture and time with Father, Son, & Holy Spirit so that our minds and bodies can have a more successful THM journey.

Join me for my 6-week online group coaching session where you get all of this for your journey:

  • 6 weeks of learning and/or reviewing the THM Plan Book for all levels
  • Transforming the spirit, mind, and body through the Taste for Truth Bible study and mastering your mindset
  • Exclusive access to the private community of women on the same journey WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA DRAMA
  • Coach review and critique of your food journal so you know if you’re implementing the plan correctly.
  • Tips for meal prep, menu planning, and implementing the THM plan
  • Tips for converting old recipes into healthier versions
  • Tips for utilizing new ingredients that help enhance the plan and superfood for optimal health & metabolism (optional because the THM plan can be done without plan-enhancing ingredients)
  • Accountability
  • Daily encouragement, support, and motivation
  • Challenges to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals including a one-week daily food journal review challenge
  • Weekly live interactive Zoom call coaching sessions & Bible study discussion on Thursdays. All zoom calls are recorded so you can watch at your convenience. (If a holiday falls on this day/week, there may be a pre-recorded lesson and q&a opportunity will be given at next appointed time.)
  • Weekly live interactive zoom Q&A on Tuesdays. These are recorded so you can watch at your convenience. (If a holiday falls on this day, there will be a pre-recorded lesson and q&a opportunity will be given at next appointed time.)
  • Tips for menu planning, meal prep, tweaking the plan for family
  • Optional weekly menu for now or for use in the future.
  • Building your faith and transforming your mindset about food, food culture, poor eating habits, overcoming self-sabotage & negativity
  • $10 off coupon to THM membership site
PLEASE NOTE THE HOLIDAY SCHEDULE IS DIFFERENT THAN THE REST OF THE SESSIONS. All sales final. Email or or click the black email button below for questions and/or interest.

Registration begins 4/19/24 and ends 4/26/24
You may pay with a Credit or Debit Card. 
***Sorry, but ABSOLUTELY NO refunds once payment is made as this holds your spot & digital portion access begins & cannot be returned.***

& Taste for Truth Bible Study Session Schedule

Winter Session

Spring Session I
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Spring Session II
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Fall Session
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Holiday Session
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