Do I Need Special Ingredients for Trim Healthy Mama?

Have you ordered your copy of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook yet? The Trim Healthy Mama Plan book is the best book for learning the plan.

How is the journey going for you so far? You’re probably thinking: Trim Healthy Mama special ingredients – do I need them?”

As you may know, I started Trim Healthy Mama over seven years ago. When I started the plan, I didn’t purchase any of the special ingredients for the first couple of months except stevia. I wanted to see how the plan worked using basic ingredients. There are tons of recipes that don’t require special ingredients.  I was also worried about the expense of the special ingredients. I was completely successful without using the special ingredients, so rest assured that the plan works without them.

I made many of the recipes using simply the grains, meats, fruits and veggies, or dairy ingredients.  It’s really simple because you basically just read labels to stay away from off-plan ingredients and chemicals. You make sure to pair the right foods from the lists with each type of fuel (fat or carb). If you find these recipes are simple and you want to kick things up a notch, you can find plenty of recipes that fall into these categories on Pinterest.  Sometimes recipes on Pinterest aren’t necessarily THM approved, so I’d be would be sure to post the recipe on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook pages so that an administrator can let you know if it’s approved.

After I successfully lost weight and began to feel healthier, I decided it might be beneficial to buy some special ingredients. I have to admit that after drooling over pictures of the recipes on blogs and Facebook and reading about the health benefits in the book, I was dying to try them! I figured out which recipes I wanted to try and decided to purchase some.

If you’re interested in seeing my THM shopping list, you can downoad it here: THM Shopping List

You can succeed at the Trim Healthy Mama plan without the special ingredients, but they sure do make life easier and they have made my journey a whole lot better. I am a lot less tempted to eat the junk food when I know I have ingredients to make the healthier and alternative. Now my body and taste buds are so accustomed to THM that many of the old unhealthy foods don’t even appeal to me anymore.

I hope this post answers your question: “Trim Healthy Mama special ingredients – do I need them?” Praying you enjoy your Trim Healthy Mama journey. Keep me posted on your progress.

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