How I’m Losing Weight & Improving Health Naturally

From Oct 1, 2014 – I am still getting questions and comments about how I’ve trimmed down recently.  I’ve written several posts about my weight loss journey. I am a Trim Healthy Mama.  Once again, I’ll state that Trim Healthy Mama (THM) is NOT a fad diet.  It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  You probably just want to know what it is in a nutshell, so here goes:

  • Whole foods (THM does have varying plans for those who do not want to eat pure all of the time and need convenience alternatives).
  • Sugar-free (not artificial sweeteners, but natural sweeteners with low glycemic index that don’t spike blood sugar like stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol, Truvia, Pyure)
  • Gluten Free (using low carb, gluten free flours like coconut flour, almond meal, oat flour, etc.)
  • No starchy vegetables like white potatoes and corn
  • No fuel tandem – this means I choose which fuel I want to be the main source of each meal:  fats or carbohydrates.  Your body will only burn one fuel and will store the other.  So for each meal I decide which fuel I will limit.  This means I may choose to use healthy fats as my fuel source for a SATISFYING breakfast (eggs scrambled in coconut oil with mushrooms and spinach; berries and bacon on the side; coffee with a swirl of cream; notice healthy fats are my fuel and this is a low carb meal because my body doesn’t need the carb for fuel and I don’t want it to store it because it will turn right to sugar in my body as well as spike my blood sugar).  Then I may choose to have an ENERGIZING lunch (sweet potato with 1 tsp of butter; baked salmon; green beans; notice the main fuel source in this meal is rich in healthy carbs my body will use the carbs for fuel and it is low in fat.  My body will burn the carbs and hold onto the fat, which we don’t want so I have limited the fat paired with the carbs).

I know you’re probably feeling sorry for me and thinking about how “deprived” I must feel.  Absolutely not!  Here is a list of foods I’ve been eating: Volcano Mudslide Muffin, Pancakes, Protein Smoothies, Monkey Bread, bread; Milkshakes like cake batter, snickers, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate with different variations or additions like nuts, peanut butter, peppermint, etc. I’ve had Steak, Cheeseburger, Chicken, Spaghetti, Pizza, Pita chips, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Wings, Pork chops or tenderloin, Bacon, Turkey, Cheese, Nuts, Brown rice, All fruitsAll non-starchy veggies. Does this sound like I’m deprived?  I think NOT!  All of these foods have some minor tweaks or are paired with their low fuel counterparts.  I have been eating these foods and losing weight at an average of 1 lb per week.  However, I’ve gone from a size 14-16 to a size 8 (6 is a little snug, but I’m almost there), I’ve also recently purchased some size small pants and tops.  I’ve seen many people on the plan who have lost more in a shorter period of time, but this has been my body’s pace.  I am usually a turtle when it comes to weight loss, but slow and steady wins the race! So now you have the answer to your questions about how I’m slimming down.  This is what I’ve been doing to lose weight and improve my health.  I feel better than I have in 20 years.  Before THM, it took me 5 years to lose 20 pounds just trying to make better food choices.  I have to admit I cheated many times during those 5 years, but just eating whole foods wasn’t enough.  I had to think about how God designed my body to function and get in tune with the way my own body responded to foods.  When I started THM in October, 2013 I weighed 40 pounds more than I weigh now.  So, in less than a year I have lost double what it took me 5 years to lose before.  God has finally given me the tools I need to make food choices that please Him.  When I turn my food addictions and temptations over to Him, he gives me the strength I need to overpower them.  He has enlightened me on the plan He has for caring for my body and temple so that I can serve Him and others better and be the best I can be.  I think ultimately that has been the success to my weight loss, trying to live in obedience to my Heavenly Father and utilizing the tools and wisdom He has given me.  He has also blessed me with an amazingly wonderful support system through my friends, family, and other Trim Healthy Mamas. Like I mentioned in a previous post, for years I have not allowed full pictures of me if I could help it.  I know that sounds vain, but I didn’t feel healthy on the inside or outside.  I have a few pictures from years past that I can share with you below as my before pictures, and then I have a current progress picture to share.

5+ years ago before whole foods.

10/2013 just after starting THM 


My main goal for this journey was to get healthier for my family and to come off of my heart rhythm medicine.  I’m close to my goal on this journey as I have been able to half my dosage of medicine.  Please pray for me as I’ve always known that SVT and IST are not caused by being overweight, but are an electrical problem within the heart.  However, taking better care of my body in turn has conditioned my heart so it handles activities better.  I’ve been told I may not be able to come off completely, but I know the power of the Lord.  If it’s His will, I will, but if not I can still testify to the miracle He has performed during this journey.  I’m taking it one step at a time with The Lord by my side.

I have written more on my blog about THM, but since I am continuing to get questions and comments I thought I’d share this additional information with you.  I’ll be sharing more soon so be sure to check back often.  Have a healthy and blessed day!


  1. Enjoying your blog, thanks so much for putting yourself out there and sharing your journey. I’m a THMer as well, many years now, and it remains my WOE. It totally works, after years of struggle. I live with a peace about food, and an elevated level of health I never dreamed possible. Besty of luck, and I’ll keep checking in on your blog posts!

    1. Thanks so much, Annie! Congratulations on your journey! It is such a blessing!

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