What Protein Do I Eat with THM S, E, and FP meals? Protein list

Protein is a VERY IMPORTANT part of any meal or snack. Did you know you cannot build MUSCLE without PROTEIN?

Without adequate protein, our bodies weaken quickly. Our muscles, organs, cartilage, bones, skin and antibodies that guard us from disease are all made of protein. None of these can repair themselves, so they start to breakdown without an adequate amount of protein.

So, protein is a superpower macronutrient that God created to slow down the deterioration and aging of our bodies so we can continue to serve Him and our loved ones at optimal levels.

We NEED protein in every snack and meal. Generally, without obsessing over numbers, we need around 20g of protein in our meals. Our snacks can contain less, but still need to be anchored with protein.

Here’s a list of proteins you can use to anchor your meals and snacks. I’ve grouped them in their fuel setting to make it easy for you to pair with other foods. Always ask yourself: “WHERE IS MY PROTEIN?” Hope this helps!

Download printable PDF of graphic here: Where is My Protein?

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