What Are Healthy Fat Sources? THM S List

Did you know our bodies NEED healthy fat?

Healthy fats help our hormones function properly and help our brains to think properly. They also help cleanse and detox our bodies. Some of them are loaded with VItamin K2 which is an amazing cancer fighter and prevents plaque formation in blood vessels.

Unsaturated fats lower inflammation and help your heart while helping to maintain healthy and safe blood sugar levels. Omega-3s and Omega-6s are needed for overall health and brain function.

Lowering harmful LDL, nuts are a wonderful and tasty healthy fat. They are also an anti-inflammatory, so the next time you have a headache eat about 10-12 almonds.

Healthy fats are essential for life. Download a PDF of the list below.

Healthy Fat Sources for THM Lifestyle THMS

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